I, like most of us, have my own unique combination of sexual fantasies and fetishes. The difference is that I am not content to ponder mine in private contemplation.  Instead, I choose to explore their depths and breadths artistically in part to challenge the notion that it is unacceptable for women to do so.

 I feel that society tells women that if they must express their sexual desires, that it is better to write about them, rather than to draw, paint, or photograph them. Visual depictions have a more immediate impact than the written word. The boldness of that impact when dealing with female sexuality challenges the skewed expectations placed on women and what they are "allowed" to do with their bodies. Confident and unabashed sexual expression from women often stigmatizes them as "easy", "whores", and "sluts." 

 Newspaper ads for the euphemistically titled "adult bodywork" act as my canvas. It is my way of reflecting and responding to the highly sexually charged environment in which we all live. Also, it juxtaposes two different notions of the "whore", the woman who engages in so-called taboo acts of sexuality for her own pleasure, and the woman that does it for a living, challenging the viewer to consider their conceptions of each and their similarities or dissimilarities.