Photo by Saddi Khali

Photo by Saddi Khali

One of my art teachers in elementary school had a thing called “Free Draw.”  It meant that you could draw anything you wanted that day.  You didn’t have to stay stuck painting your soda bottle covered with paper mache.   The freedom of being able to make up anything was delicious.   Since I cherish that feeling and believe that particular subjects call for particular styles, I’ve decided to keep the tradition of allowing myself to have multiple. Enjoy!

CRUTE COMICS - Cartoon strips and books prompted by my life experience.

THE SUBWAY PEN - Drawings created in ball-point pen on the subway and buses.

YVETTE – A series of erotic, mixed media, acrylic paintings made with newspaper, beads, fabric, and glitter.

OIL PAINTING – Studies from class and figurative pieces that explore life, birth, and death.

ILLUSTRATION – Drawings for print advertising, album covers, and magazine article commissions.